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28 years ago, I was a happily married mother with three lovely children and a great career as a forensic accountant. Then I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. In a matter of a few short months, my life completely transformed. It appears I have a very violent case of MS. I deteriorated to the point that I lost my vision, the ability to walk, and on certain days the ability to speak clearly; my mental function rapdily declined. I continued this downhill spiral until I was confined to a wheelchair. I remembered clearly the day that professionals at UCLA told me I would never be out of that wheelchair, to accept it and move forward. I went home and pondered that statement. It did not resonate with my soul. It did not fit the picture of my life. I had been raised and believed that I was a daughter of God and that when I came to earth, God sent me with a little spark of his divinity within me. How was I to accomplish what I was sent to earth to do if I was lying in bed ill. Thus began my personal journey to find the answers. And it was not easy! At my worst, I was on 19 different prescriptions and 89% of my body was numb. During this time, both my father and my husband suddenly passed away 2 months apart. The doctors said the only way I was going to be able to care for myself was if I would go back to school and make my brain work like a muscle. So began the journey that took the next 6 years of my life. I learned that my body did not respond well to prescribed medicines, that had devastating side effects, such as cancer but loved natural healing such as a good rainfall in the Amazon, or massage or pure, medicinal grade essential oils from natural plants. Slowly I regained my abilities, often just to have the next exacerbation, and lose them again. But each time I had more truth and understanding and determination to be well and 100% responsible for my personal well being. I also recognized the gift of having a good day and how to live each day to the fullest by being in touch with my spirit, emotions and my physical symptoms. In 2000 I requested the doctors allow me to go to natural treatments and over the year I have thrived. Once I regained my health, then I had this overwhelming urge to help anyone who was ill, as gratitude to God for the journey He took me on.


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